What To Eat

Sarawak Laksa

The iconic Sarawak Laksa is one of the staple dishes for Sarawakians to savour be it for breakfast, lunch, dinner or supper. This laksa differs from other types of laksa as its broth is based on a paste of sambal belacan, galangal, lemongrass, sour tamarind, spices  and herbs, coconut milk and chicken stock. Sarawak Laksa is usually served with king prawns or slices of chicken, coriander and refreshing squeezes of lime. This creamy yet spicy vermicelli soup noodle is best enjoyed with sambal belacan- a toasted shrimp paste pounded with chilli. This dish can be easily found at restaurants, local coffee shops and food courts dotted in Kuching.

The C Peng

Teh C Peng Special or Three Layer Tea is the local favourite drink that you can find throughout Sarawak. Known as Three Layer Tea in West Malaysia, Kuching’s version of the tea is a tantalisizing combination of palm sugar, evaporated milk and red tea is the perfect thirst quencher after a long day of golf. Teh C Peng is readily available at local rstaurants and cafe.

Gula Apong Ice Cream

Recently made famous among locals in Kuching city, the Gula Apong (palm sugar) ice cream is a delicious treat for a hot day. This famous ice cream is only sold at one of the stalls located inside the Kuching Open Air Food Court at Jalan Market. This homemade soft served ice cream is made fresh everyday topped with the stall’s signature Gula Apong syrup, crunchy peanut bits and crushed cornflakes. Expect a long queue with fellow Kuchingites and other tourists eager to sample this famous dessert.

Halal Restaurant Recommended – LEPAU

Serving authentic and traditional Sarawak dishes with original recipes passed down and perfected through generations, Lepau Restaurant is an ideal dining spot for you to try something new. Their dishes showcasing the unique styles and recipes of the different ethnic groups of Sarawak, creating fusion dishes with a pinch of modern flavour.

The meaning of ‘LEPAU’

Lepau, in the Kayan and and Melanau language refers to the farm-hut used still in the kampungs for resting during the farming or harvesting seasons. Lepau Restaurant is an open-concept restaurant and a favourite venue for family and friends, gatherings, parties, celebrations and corporate events.

Signature Dishes

  • Chicken Pansuh – cooked daily in the Uma Avok (traditional fireplace)
  • Stir fried Tempoyak.
  • Sambal Fish grilled in Banana Leaf
  • Traditional Kayan mixed Vegetables
  • Dayak Eggplant with Smoked Fish Soup

Lepau Restaurant also serves a wide selection of smoked and barbequed dishes. The restaurant is located at Jalan Ban Hock, about 300 metres from Pullman Kuching